The one thing I love about this time of year is decorating my piano. I usually keep things pretty simple in the decorating category because for me, simple is doable.

I’ve struggled with this ‘in between’ phase in the month of November. I have a Halloween display and a Christmas display (I’ll share an updated photo next month), but until this year I never had much decor for November–Thanksgiving, fall, gratitude, all that.

I bought a fall leaf and cotton garland and a new fabric pumpkin this year at a place called Real Deals in Idaho that works perfectly with the other pieces that I’ve collected over the past couple years.



I’m liking how it’s coming together!

I’ve also used the Pumpkins design from the Holiday Signs kit. On the other side of that tray is a Christmas sign. This is one of my very favorite decor items I’ve made! I just love the idea of having some pieces cross between the holidays. And that big wooden sign is something I can leave in that space from October through December with just a flip of the sign.

On the right is a For The Beauty retro art design that you can find HERE. I love the words to this hymn and it’s perfect for this time of year! It’s kind of hard to tell in this photo, but I actually added a cream background. It didn’t go as cream as I would have liked, but it was the only large piece of paper I had…sooooo…it is what it is.

If you caught my Instagram stories Wednesday, I threw out the question on whether or not I should paint the silver pumpkin a cream color–which used to be a really dark brown. It started out kind of 50/50 – 60/40. Then it moved more to 2/3 people saying yes to paint it. So I might do that for next year because I’m feeling like I’ll be too lazy about it this year. ;) (Keeping it real folks.) After putting the silver B on the left side, I kind of think it helps balance it out. I saw some ‘metal’/silver/pewter-looking pilgrims somewhere in someone’s home decor and now I really think those would be awesome on the piano. Can’t seem to find them, of course. I think I might spray paint some regular ones if I can’t find them in ‘metal’.

I’m rather happy that I’m getting this to where I want. All my holiday vignettes seem to change a little every year, but I’m so happy to get this one finally in a more defined ensemble.