Say hello to Sam.

Sam is our cat of eight years come this February. He has what I’d consider a stereotypical cat personality in that he wants your affection on his terms. He may not be the cuddly creature that Tito is (Jordan’s kitty), but he still loves you…in his own way.

For the past little while we’ve noticed a difference in him. He drinks and pees a lot and has lost weight. Still eats though. So we finally took him to the vet since it seemed like it wasn’t changing.

And we found out, Sam is diabetic.


Never in my wildest dreams would I think we’d be having to give a cat insulin shots twice a day for the rest of his life. Granted, having to do that as a human is way worse, but still, it’s pretty awful for this poor kitty that we now have to change and monitor his life style and poke and prod him daily.

From what they’ve told us, once we monitor for a month or so and get his insulin leveled out, we won’t have to constantly test his blood sugar, but the shots will always be a part of his routine for the rest of his life. Puts a bit of a cramp in the lifestyle if everyone in the household ever wants to leave. It’s kind of a lot to ask of a neighbor to give your cat shots, ya know? As it is right now, Kass is the one giving him the shots. Me and shots don’t jive. I was queasy while we were there. Kass has taken a phlebotomy class and has worked needles before. We’ll all need to do it eventually, but for now, Kass is my girl. :)

So yesterday’s vet experience was a bit overwhelming in understanding everything. We have a follow up tomorrow with the [owner] vet who is extremely thorough and will make sure we truly understand it all.

I know it may be small in numbers, but I wanted to know if there are any of you that have to deal with diabetes in an animal. Any thoughts or tips you might have about caring for your pet would be awesome. I’m sure we’ll be looking online too.

Chalk this up to one more of those ‘weird things’ that seem to be happening in my life this year. I’m soooo done with it all!