Whoa. Whoooooaaaa. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. We’re not ending our 12 Days of Christmas here on Day 6. All is well. We just seem to have a little theme a-goin’ on here. It’s all about wrapping up those gifts!

And here to show us some gift-wrapped amazingness is Melanie Blackburn! She’s showing off some stamped tags in very fine fashion. Take a look.





Oh sweet figgy pudding, those tags are awesome! I particularly love the combo of stamps on the sleigh ride tag. That dimension is divine.

Let’s hear what Mel has to say:

I love this time of the year! Decorating the house, making it as inviting as possible for my family and our friends, I want people to enjoy their time in our home. For me, this feeling also applies to gift wrapping, for as long as I can remember I have taken great care in finding the perfect wrapping papers, tags and bows. Every once in a while I will prepare a gift with handmade decorations, the process of creating a beautifully curated package is a labor of love. Not only do I feel that these packages will tell the recipient that I truly appreciate them, they will also look wonderful under my tree, it’s a win win!

To create these packages for my youngest daughter’s afterschool caregivers, I opted for a light colored wrapping paper paired with thick ribbon. I love the texture of this ribbon, I feel that it adds warmth to my projects. I used the Happy Christmas and Deck the Halls stamp sets by Kerri to create customized tags. I love to layer stamps, I’m not the most proficient stamper but layering with simple colors, most often black Staz-On and a complimentary color, really are a fun and creative way for me to customized a gift. To finish the wrapping I added a berry twig and a fern branch that I’ve cut from an old wreath I no longer used. I hope that the recipients of these gifts will enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed wrapping them!

Happy Holidays!!!!


These are just lovely Mel! Thanks for stopping by this holiday season!

And don’t forget, stamps are on sale (except Deck The Halls, Christmas Greetings and Gather Together…newbies), so if you wanted to make some tags just like Melanie, now’s a good time to pick some up.

Okay then, to continue with our wrapping theme, today’s one-day freebie is an oh-so versatile Gift Box design.



This little box wraps up all nice and neat. The flap can be used with the notch on the outside or you can delete that cut line and tuck it inside, if you’d rather. The maximum size on this would be 3.5″ x 1″ using a 12×12″ cardstock. But then you can also make them itty bitty too, because….fer cute!

I used it to wrap up a little mustard seed necklace for a friend. Isn’t that necklace darling? I love the whole ‘faith is like a mustard seed’ (give or take). Just a little reminder to always hold onto that ‘faith’ in whatever manner you need. If you love it as much as I do, you can find them from Gracefully Wrapped on Etsy HERE. No affiliation. Just a fun find and I like to share. :)

Both boxes are made from shiny cardstock. The silver polkadot came from an American Crafts warehouse sale and the gold is from Michaels. FYI, the gold doesn’t take kindly to folding. It kind of shows white at the fold.

FYI, the box comes in the usual cut files, but you can also print the outline (PDF or PNG) and trim it by hand, if you don’t have a cutter. Sweet.

Alrighty then, that’s my wrap!