Day 9 | Deck Your Halls + Envelopes

I started a new tradition a few short years ago. Well, I guess it was technically Dan that started it when he bought a Christmas wreath from our local nursery. It was one of those hand-to-the-forehead moments when I wondered why we hadn’t ever done it before…to bring in that fresh pine scent since we no longer do fresh Christmas trees.

So from that point on, on Small Business Saturday, I’ve loved going and getting a wreath. Sadly, this year’s isn’t lasting as long. Not exactly sure why.

But you know what won’t wither and brown?
die cut wreaths. ;)

Which is what brings us to today’s one-day freebie…a paper Christmas Wreath.



Sorry, the kitten is not part of the freebie. If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll know we’ve been struggling with this lovable little stinker. He likes climbing up in the tree. Oy. So when I sat down on the couch to take a picture of this wreath in the light (which is hard to get this time of year), he came running over to check  it out. He’s such a silly kitten.

This wreath comes in a solid piece as well as an individual piece. So I cut a solid 3″ wreath and cut six single pieces. I lightly tacked the solid piece on with a couple glue dots onto the glassine bag. Which, by the way, was not my original plan for this wreath’s location. The funny thing is my Silhouette mat kept picking it up, whether by static or by the sticky side. After taking it off again, I thought ‘Huh. Maybe I should put it on there.’ Someone must have been trying to give me a hint. haha

After tacking the solid piece down, I arranged the individual pieces and tacked them down with a glue pen as well. I didn’t want to completely adhere it all down because I liked that ‘fluffy wreath’ look.

And rather than using the bow design, I added some gold ribbon. I think it looks great either way though.

I did cut mine at 3″ because I wanted it to fit on a tag or bag or 3×4 card. It is a delicate design, so I wouldn’t go much smaller than 3″, it can get a little tricky. I also always use American Crafts cardstock with my delicates in my Silhouette. I can’t believe what a difference it makes!


And now, let’s take a look at the same wreath Paige used in her layout today in this gorgeous envelope by Laura. Two such fresh and different takes on the same design.






Such simplistic elegance. Wonderful! Love how she added that pop of silver with those little tiny beads. Great addition!

Let’s hear what Laura has to say:

I have to admit, I usually take the easy route when wrapping Christmas presents, keeping my packaging super simple and easy. But every now and then, I will get inspired to get a little crafty in my gift giving presentation. This year, I have several people on my list that I will be gifting 8×10 home decor type prints too. I am always on the lookout for fun printable images that can printed, framed, and hung around the house (mostly found on Etsy). And so often, I see prints that I know would be just perfect for a friend or family member. Like the vintage blueprints for the hair dryer and hairbrush for my favorite hair stylist, or the chalkboard baking and kitchen measurements for a friend that loves to bake. I wanted a fun way to package these prints, and found some black envelopes that I ordered off Amazon. 

I wanted to decorate the front of the envelopes, rather than just scribbling their names with a pen like I would normally do. I started by printing out some smaller pieces of the grey plain patterned paper found in Kerri’s Travelers Pack: Splendid kit. I adhered them onto a large piece of patterned paper, and then adhered that to the center of the envelopes. 

I picked out a few shapes from Kerri’s new Christmas Calendar kit – the wreath and the “Merry Christmas” – and die cut both from colored cardstock. I adhered the wreath in the center of the grey plaid patterned paper pieces, and then adhered my Christmas sentiment in the center of the wreath. I added a few small silver accent dots to the wreaths to finish them off. Then I just slipped the prints inside and they’re ready to go!



And how about those prints?! So cool! There’s something about the engineerical (ya, it’s a word) look of items like that. I have one of a lighthouse we visited that I love!

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  1. Lancene Blackmon December 9, 2017 at 8:33 am

    Thanks so much Kerri – it’s great to get up in the morning and know that there’s a little treat waiting. BTW, love the kitty.

  2. jazzmom21 December 9, 2017 at 9:11 am

    We usually get our wreath from Costco & hang it over the fireplace. But you have to get there at the right time as Costco runs out quickly. I missed it this year … it does bring in that lovely evergreen scent (we have an artificial tree, too).

    Thanks for today’s gift & for the variety of ways to use it!

  3. Linh Chin-Lai December 9, 2017 at 9:47 am

    We always have a fresh Christmas tree for the awesome pine smell and the Fraser fir look. This year, we thought about not getting a fresh tree because we’re getting a puppy, but we decided to get a tree and just block it from the puppy for the 2 weeks that they will be in the house together. Every time I walk past the tree and smell the fresh tree scent, I’m glad we decided to go with one. I also like getting a fresh wreath from Trader Joe’s too.

  4. Yvonne Garrett December 9, 2017 at 10:08 am

    Love the prints! And thank you for the wreath. So timeless and perfect! :)

  5. Kathy December 9, 2017 at 4:27 pm

    Love all of the freebies and the kitten! Thank you!

  6. Natalie Strand December 20, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    Thank you for the lovely wreath cut file! It helped me immensely (as well as Laura’s gorgeous envelopes) in making Christmas cards for the Sunday School teachers at my church!

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