Twenty Eighteen

The holiday hangover, so to speak. Does anyone else not want to go back to work today? ;) I’ve so enjoyed having the last week or so off, but it’s back to business for reals today. I’ve got some emails to get to today for sure.

I still can’t believe we’ve reached a new year. Last year went by so fast! And right now it’s not even feeling like January with these unusual 40+ degree temps. Feels more like spring. We better get some good snow soon. We need it for sure.

Today’s Phrase A Day had to be the latest year written in brush script style, right?



Great for the everyday documenting, like Project Life, pocket page scrapbooking, planners, travelers notebooks…you name it!

You can find this in the store HERE.


Phrase A Day is a personal writing challenge in the month of January to help me learn more about my new iPad Pro 10.5 and the Procreate app. If you have a suggestion on a phrase to write, leave a comment and if it gets written, you’ll get the image for free. :)

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  1. Julie January 2, 2018 at 11:07 am

    My newspaper here in So Cal ran a few memorable quotes from 2017; here’s the one that resonated with me: “‘Let’s be legendary.’ (–Deshaun Watson, Clemson quarterback, speaking int he huddle before his TD pass to Hunter Renfro gave the Tigers a national title win over Alabama, Jan 9”) I think I it resonates with me, not because I think we all need to do something that will make us famous, but because we can leave a legacy of goodness within our family, friends, co-workers, and those who we come in contact with.

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