What is it about new clothes that make you feel so good? I mean, the ‘old’ clothes were new once too. They should make you feel good still, right? Some may, some may not. All I know is I’ve been down that ‘feel good’ road a bit myself after getting new jeans into the wardrobe…daughters approved jeans even. It may have snowballed from there, but I will neither confirm nor deny that.

And it looks like our darling Laura has been on the ‘feel good’ road trip too recently! Only I wish my road trip was for the same reason as hers. :)

Take a look…






[ Designs | Bloom (hello) / Weathered Door Alpha (clothes) / About Town (this is just fantastic). Stamps | One Fine Day, Brooklyn, Gather Together. ]


How fun is this? Love this page! And the way she created that ‘Fantastic’ journaling card insert? adore. Love all the tidbits Laura shares of her shopping excursion. Makes me want to shop some more. ;)

Let’s hear what Laura has to say:

Over the last year or so, I made some changes in my life, with one of them being that I lost a substantial amount of weight. This also meant that I lost a substantial amount of my wardrobe. That’s not necessarily a bad thing (unless you ask my wallet), as I got the chance to basically build an entire new wardrobe for myself. I realized that I had taken quite a few photos of clothes I’ve bought, or while out shopping, and thought it would be fun to put together a little page to tell this story. 

I decided to create a 6×8″ pocket spread, with one page being a full 6×8″ layout and one page being a 6×8″ pocket page. Whenever I’m wanting to die cut a word for my titles that Kerri doesn’t happen to have, I turn to her Weathered Door Alpha kit. Which is exactly what I used to die cut the word “clothes” for part of my title. I used the word “hello” from Kerri’s Bloom kit, die cut from patterned paper, for the first half of my title. 

I also ended up adding in a 3×8″ insert, which held my journaling and some clothing tags I’ve been saving from my favorite brands. I used the “this is just fantastic” design from Kerri’s About Town kit digitally to create my 3×8″ journaling card, backing it with some black chalkboard digital patterned paper. 


Now, if I only could get rid of this nasty cold, I might just go shopping. ;) Hopefully I’ll get back to my Phrase A Day endeavor too. This has been a very strange cold and I have no desire to do anything but be in bed and watch tv…which is so not like me. Especially when I normally opt for books these days. I have absolutely no desire to read. It’s just too tiring. haha  Usually I can plug my way through a cold, but this is quite different than the average cold. Yesterday I was finally feeling pretty good for a change, coughing very little, but then bam. It all came back again. What is up with this???