Graduation of  a child, particularly for high school, can be an overwhelming time. So many things happening that I think that we can forget to capture little details.

That’s why I love this spread by our Miss Marcy!




This is such a sweet moment, forever displayed in her traveler’s notebook. I know it never occurred to me to capture my girls ‘primping’ for the big moment. This is so simply and beautifully done!

love it. 

Here’s what Marcy has to say:

I’m proud to say that keeping my memory keeping simple is a mantra that has followed me over into the new year.  Give me my notebook, a pen, a photo and a stamp or two and I’m good to go.  Less is more.  For real.

For this spread I had a candid photo of my daughter getting ready for her graduation.  I wanted the lovely wine color of her dress to pop so I totally skipped the patterned paper and documented this moment directly on the pages of my notebook.  A stamped tag and title carry over the white from the adjoining page were my journaling resides.

And, on just a side note, I can’t believe how long it took me to use the Tagged stamps!  So much fun!

(Other stamps used: Long Story Short)