Could someone tell me where January went? Holy cannoli it went by fast! Not to mention it only snowed once and the temps have been warmer. A couple days ago it was 60 degrees! Not our usual January, for sure.

And now, we have entered into the month of love. Not only do we celebrate Valentine’s Day, but this year hubs and I celebrate 30 years of marriage right before that day. Thirty years. If I think January went by fast, thirty years went by just as fast.

And I wanted the cliche to celebrate those thirty years.

Paris in the springtime.



And as of last night–after patiently waiting for cheap tickets (which I thought we’d missed when I opted not to get them in November for this spring)–we will be going soon. Yay! There have been so many milestone anniversaries where we always talk of going somewhere and never do. But this year…we will be! I’ve been saving my pennies. :)

So if any of you have suggestions on where to stay, what to see and of course, where/what to eat, please share!

And on another note, I can’t help but hear Meg Ryan singing her own version of this song in the movie French Kiss. If you know what I’m talking about, you should be smiling like me. :)


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