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All my kids are now in their twenties–with one being married and living away. As they got older, it became tradition for me to get them a ‘made from scratch’ Valentine cookie or on occasion a Cravings cupcake because…who really needs all that candy? The girls especially didn’t want a bunch of candy around. (wink wink)

On occasion I’ll find some other sort of token. This year, some super fun socks caught my eye. And now all I’m thinking is how cute would they be in these card holders that our Miss Maggie made!



Now that my kids are getting a bit older, they don’t really love the little stuffed animals & trinkets that usually accompany Valentine’s Day like they used to. They do, however, still love cash. And gift cards. 

So, that’s what they’re getting. I no longer have to throw away loads of plastic heart-shaped garbage and candy no one eats, and they get what they really want. It’s a win-win.

I dressed up their little gifts this year by creating some gift card holders using Kerri’s XO digital stamps. I opened the XO.png file in Silhouette, resized it to fit my cards & then mirrored the shape above itself. Next, I brought the mirrored shape down so that it just touched my original image, and then traced & cut around the entire shape. 



Then I simply folded a piece of paper around my card/cash & folded my “XO” over the top of that. A quick little tie with some baker’s twine and my gift was done! Almost…


I am a huge sucker for word phrase stickers! So, I printed out the Lovely Little Words file onto sticker paper so that I’d have some fun stickers for these packages, my planner, some scrapbook pages, wherever! These phrases can be recolored/resized to fit your needs, and you can choose to cut each phrase with your electronic cutting machine. I, however, opted to simply take a craft knife and a ruler and cut out just those pieces I wanted for my project. I added the rest of the sheets to my stash so I can cut out a sticker anytime I need one.

Finally, I added a little love phrase to each of my gifts. I think it’s the perfect touch…


NOTE: You may notice that my word sheets are colored only slightly differently…one set being slightly more blue, and one being slightly more green. This is what happens when I choose to let either my printer or my photo-editing software decide what the colors should be. 


Oh my goodness…these are amazing! Love all the individual looks for each child. And adore the XO wraparound! What a wonderful quick little gift idea.

And Maggie, that part about printing is a great tip. I always let Photoshop choose my colors, generally picking the Color Profile that matches the printer and paper that I’m using. I always get my best results that way.

love it!

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