Okay, so we were having spring-like weather, with temps in the 60s…and then winter decided to show up. Nighttime temps in the teens and lots of snow? That’s December + January weather. March will be here in two days! And did you see the snow in Rome yesterday? Crazy!

With spring comes planning for many people. Lots of vegetables and flowers to be prepared. I’ve been seeing some seed-sowing posts lately even. And today, we get to see a bit of planning from Marcy!




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Loooove her list making combined with journaling! Adding a little touch of floral goodness makes it sweet and simple. And and the little hand-made pocket to hold her plans is awesome!

it’s all just perfection.

Here’s what Marcy has to say:

By the time February rolls around I’m knee deep in garden planning.  This means ordering seeds, planning the beds and, eventually, playing in the dirt.  Because I’m starting a whole new garden this year I’ve got a lot of things to keep straight.  

This year I planned out my garden in Illustrator so I could keep all my measurements straight.  I printed out these four sheets of plans and folded them in thirds… the perfect size to keep in my travelers notebook.  After all, I’ll need these handy when I’m shopping for supplies or plowing the new beds so why not keep them in the notebook that travels with me everywhere I go?  

To keep things a little more secure I added a patterned paper corner to the left page.  Behind this I tucked in my plans and secured them at the top with a large paper clip (which also keeps a stamped label title in place).  My plans will live here in this spread long after I’m done gardening this year so I decided to treat the right page like a little scrapbook.  Here I added a flower die-cut and stamped some gardening themed sentiments.  I love spreads that are both utilitarian and cute at the same time!


Me too, Miss Marcy. Me too. :)