I am passionate about stamps. Passionate about stamps that are mostly in the form of words. I love that you can quickly add a sentiment or add a plethora to make a statement–and oh boy was I just playing with the plethora option for April stamps! So excited! But you’re gonna have to wait on that one. ;)

Stamps are an embellishment that’s never ending and you can pick whatever color you need (if you have the ink pad, of course–haha).

And the gal that brings it all together so well is none other than our lovely Melissa Morelli!


I get asked a lot what my favorite embellishments are. To be honest, I don’t buy many supplies because I don’t use many. But what I do buy are stamps. I love a good stamp and with the right stamp you can easily make your own embellishments in seconds.

I start off with a good quality piece of card stock or matte photo paper. This is a great way to use up scraps. I then take stamp sets and an ink pad (colors are endless with ink pads) and just start stamping away. What I love about Kerri’s stamps is that she offers so many stamps that are easy to trim and use as a ‘homemade’ embellishment. Stamps I find easiest to use as embellishments are clean shapes such as squares, circles, rectangles, etc. 



Then trim. I find this process therapeutic while watching TV or YouTube videos. 



Then it’s time to get to work. All embellishments on this layout were made using stamps, with the exception of my ‘living our best life’ journal card and the ‘California Soul’ card which are printables that are also available in Kerri’s shop.





I hope this mini tutorial helps some of you get more use out of your stamps. Happy stamping and creating.


Oh how I love the way Melissa pulls all these phrases together! Combining them with some KBS handwritten cards is the icing on top. And I love the tip of just stamping a whole bunch on some white cardstock. I have a tendency to do it on an ‘as needed’ basis, but this is a brilliant idea! It would be great to do some just to have handy. Love that.


[ Stamps: Yesterday / Wanderlust / Go / Found / Feel Free. Designs: California Soul and Living Our Best Life.