I love just a clean serif font. A classic. One that stands the test of time. And throw in an italic version? Be still my heart!

This is a style you’ve seen in my stamps and art throughout the years…and now…we are announcing La Grande and La Grande Italic!



The letters are just over half inch tall. You can use them close together or spread them apart. They look amazing when paired with sentiments from the other KBS stamps too!

And it may not be a secret, but the italics are my fave. ;)
I’m a bit excited to use them to document my upcoming Paris trip!

These are on sale today and tomorrow. Shipping will commence on Tuesday for these stamps and the preorders from last month. The girls and I are off to California (again…) on Jordan’s behalf. It’s always been a dream of mine to drive to California three times within two month’s time……not.

(The bottom stamped sentiment is from Thankful.)