I Love A Good Title

I don’t know what it is about words and how they add so much that appeals to me in the most delightful way, but boy, do I love them!

Make ’em big and bold? Holy cannoli…I swoon. The graphic presentation of it all is divine!

So imagine my delight when I saw this from Miss Marcy!




Isn’t that just yummy??? And I’m not talkin’ about the eggs…although those are pretty too. ;)

The Brooklyn XL stamps used here were a limited release, but you can still make an awesome title from other KBS alphabet stamps!


Let’s see what Marcy has to say:

Whenever I have this feeling of missing traditional mini book making I jump into my passport notebook.  The smaller size is perfect for documenting singular memories and moments.

Typically I’ll take my regular sized notebook with me everywhere.  This one is full of notes and plans and random scribbles.  Then when I feel like documenting in a more creative way I’ll grab my passport notebook or a separate notebook to do that in.  This way I don’t carry an embellished and potentially chunky notebook with me on a daily basis but I still ensure that I don’t miss any important moments.

For this spread I decided to create a large title on the left page and keep my right page for a photo and some journaling.  I measured the Brooklyn XL letter stamps and with my title in mind ensured that they would fit on my page.  To make sure that I ended up with a title spaced somewhat correctly I stamped the first word at the top and then moved to the third work at the bottom.  I eyeballed the placement of the second one in-between the two.  Although my spacing was a bit off, doing it this way at least ensured that I was “off” evenly.

I love the look of a big graphic title, and this spread delivers that.

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