Oh boy, do I have a big post written for this day! Waiting to post. As the page below says, this day wasn’t a want, it was a need. With this being the fourth time to SoCal in about seven months (a 9-hour drive), I needed this alternate route. And it turned into one of the most adventurously awesome days. Loved it! Now I just need to collect and edit some photos so I can put it all together and post it.

In the interim, I wrote an abridged version for my weekly recap in my travelers notebook.  I haven’t entered anything in to my TN for about six months! *gasp* I know, right? It felt good to get a bit creative again. It’s been way too long.



For this spread, I liked the idea taking tiny little sentences and writing them in a list style. Also, stacking words via stamps is my favorite. Got some of that goin’ on here too. With a little sunshine as well. ;) The tag holds other notes from the week. I kind of wanted the focus to be on this particular day for this week.

And if you missed the news, the Brooklyn SM stamps that I used here for Joshua Tree have been restocked and anyone that preordered the reorder…the stamps should be arriving any time. Yay!


For more information about how to print your journaling in your TN, check out this post. 

Other stamps used:  Line By Line (discover), Away (sun, change of scenery and …it’s a need) and Feel Free (national park).