The time is drawing near! I can’t even believe it!

You know, I’ve planned out many-a trips, but this one has boggled my mind with everything to do and to keep track of. I’m not sure why that is. I think it may be that one, there are so many things to do. And two, there are so many options for those choices. And so much information on the internet! It’s like Pandora’s Box. You go looking for one answer and you unleash a bazillion pieces of information about it and other things you didn’t even know you wanted to know.

Therefore, I decided I was going to keep a little notebook for jotting down notes. Notes only. No journaling. I will be using the Day One app for that so that I can combine it with photos and GPS information. Yay for technology!

You may remember this post from last month where I shared what little I’ll be taking. After so many years of hauling ‘stuff’, this trip I opted for simplicity. We’ll see how it works.

Which leads me to this fun little cover I made!




I’m using a lined notebook that came with a Foxy Fix album, but it will be housed in my Midori Traveler’s Notebook for the trip. It has ten pages total–twenty back to back. I will be keeping itineraries, hotel info, lists of things we want to do with any accompanying information, and placing them into their respective days of fun to be had.

And the beauty of this is, I can add it to my actual memory keeping TN of the trip by wrapping a rubber band (which is already there because I take out the staples) around the other notebook so they’ll be together. I’ll probably stick it at the end.

Anyhoo, I printed this myself using ‘something’ that may or may not be coming at the first of April (wink wink). I also added my own ‘notes’ using a font I had on hand.

One other thing. While I love using my LaserJet printer, I don’t like printing in all black because it comes off on your fingers. Instead, I use my Epson Photo 1400 printer (like way old) with Epson Premium Presentation Matte paper for a very rich and velvety black. And it sucks into the paper rather than lay on the surface. mmmm…

Now, back to watching only the French part of Sabrina. ;)


P.S. I do plan on writing a post after our trip on my preparations and what I found useful.