What is it about color that makes you so happy? I do love white. But did you know that white is actually all the colors put together? So really, it’s the most colorful color of them all. ;)

But rainbows, and green grass, and blue sky, and yellow sun, and orange sunsets, and purple mountains majesty…so many colors that not only brighten your day, but can lift your spirits.

That’s why this page from Laura is so awesome!



[ DesignsAll About Fall (color) / Weathered Door Alpha [all] (factory) / Background Basics / Life Additions: Backgrounds ]


Happiness, right? You can’t help but smile when you see all those amazing colors! And I really want to go to this Color Factory now. ;)  Great page, Miss Laura!

Let’s hear what she has to say:

My oldest daughter, Alyssa, and her boyfriend recently went to check out the Color Factory exhibit in San Francisco. She had shared a few photos from the day with me, and when I commented about how all of the colorful photos had me thinking about a layout idea – she told me that she had a ton more photos in addition to the ones she had sent me. Before I knew it, I had about 60 photos from their day at the exhibit to work with! I knew that I wanted to use as many photos as I could, and ended up including 27 photos on my two page spread.
I started by sorting out the photos by color, and decided to arrange them in a grid-like fashion across my two page spread in rainbow order. I printed all of my photos as 2×3’s, since there were so many great ones that I wanted to include. There were a few colors, like red and orange, that didn’t have many photos – and a few colors, like yellow and aqua, that had a lot of photos to choose from. I left a few spots open, so that I could work in a few pieces of colored cardstock, to keep the rainbow pattern going. I used Kerri’s Life Additions: Background kit to die cut small 2×3″ pieces of cardstock to add to these empty spaces. 
While the second page of my two page spread was completely filled with photos and colored cardstock, the first page of the spread had a little more empty space to fill. I die cut a circle background piece to cover the entire page using the Background Basics kit, going with a white-on-white look. After adding a few more photos to the first page, I added a few strips of black cardstock and a strip of a rainbow diagonal striped patterned paper above and below my photos and journaling. 
For my title, I used Kerri’s Weathered Door Alpha kit to die cut the word “factory” from colored cardstock. Since “factory” has 7 letters, it was the perfect way to add all 7 colors that are represented in the photos – red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, and purple. I decided to pull out some older brads (an embellishment that I love, but don’t seem to use that often anymore), and added a few coordinating brads to each letter in my title. I wanted to also include the word “color” in my title, since it’s all about the Color Factory, and ended up finding the perfect option in Kerri’s All About Fall kit. I simply cut off the “s” at the end of “colors” after die cutting it from black cardstock.