Remember back in February when I mentioned some app possibilities for journaling in this post?

Well, I decided on an app and have been using the DayOne App now for a couple months now and I’m loving it!



I really wanted a versatile and easy-to-use app, so I’ve been giving it the ol’ test-a-roo using it for documenting every day and I used it for my trip to Paris as well.

What’s awesome is if you have your Location Services for your Camera turned on while using the app, it will remember where you are. Then, if you use that photo in DayOne, not only will it put in the location, it gathers the time and will put in the weather as well for where you are. Say what?

I opted to use the free version rather than a $30+ per year subscription.

Spending $30 every year to document just wasn’t my cup of tea. I don’t mind paying maybe up to $9.99 one time for an app, but $30 per year? Just seemed a bit excessive to this girl. :)

The main differences between them that were of concern to me are that in the free version you can’t use it across multiple devices. That would be a nice feature to have, but a work around for when you have a lot to say would be to type on your computer and text or email it to yourself if you use your phone (like me).

The other ‘drawback’ to the free version is that you can’t put multiple photos in a single entry. You can, however, make multiple entries in a day if you have more than one photo you want to share. Problem solved. And I kind of like seeing the photos anyway, not to mention it gave each part of the day on my trip its own highlight…kind of like a chapter in the day.

Oh, and you can only do one journal in the free version. For me that’s not an issue since I’m just documenting life one day at a time. I don’t have a need for a separate travel journal, fitness journal, or anything like that.

This app has changed my journaling life!

My phone is always with me, so I can easily document the day no matter where I am without going to my computer. Also, at the end of each day on our trip, I’d document while laying in bed. A great way to unwind–while laying down and all. ;)

Another thing I love about it is that you can change the view of your journal to see just pictures of the daily entries.



This creates such a fun and concise visual treat to look back on. And speaking of, you can also see what you were doing on a given day each year as well. That’s a great perspective on your life!

The other plus to the subscription is that it’ll save your journal into the Cloud. But for me and my free ways, I keep a backup by emailing my entries to myself in a PDF form.There’s always a workaround. You can also export it in their journal form. I recommend backing it up frequently just in case. Better to be safe than sorry, right? You can find this under the Settings tool (the little gear icon in the upper right). I backed it up using their journal form and then had it upload to Dropbox. It’s too big to email that version.

You can also use their Book option to create books, which is a nice feature.

Using the app itself is so simple, you guys. Use the camera to add a photo, type a title and then your text. You can even do a little formatting of your text as well. And if you don’t have a photo, that’s fine too. I have entries that don’t have a photo. Sometimes I’ll document a memory from childhood or just a gratitude moment…things that may not have a photo.

This system is what I use to put more photos along with this journaling into a physical travelers notebook journal. I’ve always loved having both copies. I’ve been documenting on my computer for a few short years now, just typing text with the date in my Pages app (like Word, but for Mac). But with the Day One app, I have the photo now to go with it.

loooooooove it!


And now, on a completely unrelated note, how many of you sit in a chair with your legs crossed or tucked up under you? I work or read or whatever that way a lot. But don’t ask me to sit that way anywhere else. Can’t do it. It’s too uncomfortable. But in my chair? It’s my favorite way to sit. :)