I am a planner.

Not in your conventional sense with an actual planner. But a planner when it comes to laying out a page. I don’t like laying out a page with paper and embellishments and photos. I need to see it as a ‘sketch’ before it becomes a reality. I’ve been that way ever since I figured out how to use Adobe Illustrator and Silhouette Studio. It’s that darn perfectionist in me. :) Plus it saves me time.

I know I’m not alone in this methodical madness. Many of you do the same thing…am I right? And today we have an awesome tip on how to do this from from the beautiful Laura Vegas.

One of my favorite ways to plan out my layouts is to play around with ideas using my Silhouette software. Since I usually incorporate cut files into my pages, it’s a great way to test out different titles, backgrounds, and other designs and see how they’ll work with the photos I plan on using. Did you know that you can pull photos into your Silhouette software? It helps to resize them first, cropping them to the size you plan on printing them and saving them at 72dpi. If you do pull them in at full size, you’ll simply need to scale them down until they’re the right size. 




You don’t necessarily need to pull in every photo you plan on using – I’ll often just pull in one single photo, and then copy and paste it a few times (this works great if several of your photos will be the same size), to mimic the photos that I do plan on using. This allows you to play around with photo placement, and it helps give you an idea of the space you have on the page to work in your cut files. Instead of guessing what size to cut your title, or any fun shapes you want to use, you can figure out the exact size you need for each cut file, since you know they’ll work with the size and placement of your photos. Once I have my page design planned out, I simply delete my photos from the page, sort out the pieces I’ll be die cutting, and start the cutting process.  



It’s been almost a year since my youngest daughter, Sarah, graduated from high school. While I have lots of photos from that day that I want to get in her album, I have one story from that day that I’ve been wanting to document. It was “that moment” – the big moment when they call out her name, announce her college of choice, and she walks over to accept her diploma. It just so happened that it was also the moment when my camera froze up, and I quickly realized that my memory card was full. Ohmygoodness. I panicked for about 2 seconds and then got to work digging out another memory card from my purse. I was quick, but not quick enough, since I totally missed capturing her big moment, and I also missed even seeing it happen (since I was dealing with the camera and not watching her). My sister-in-law was sitting next to me, and she yelled out “Sarah!!! STOP!!!”. She did, and I was able to capture a great photo of her holding her diploma with a big smile on her face. 



Kerri’s Click kit was the perfect choice to help document these photos, and this story. The negative strip and the camera fit the theme of my page, so they were obvious choices to work into my page design, and I also picked out my title from the kit as well. Since the negative strip comes in several sizes (as far as how many windows each has), and both square and landscape orientation, so I played around with a few sizes as I figured out how many photos I wanted to include. I settled on 3 photos, in addition to my main focal point photo – the two photos I took right before my camera froze and the photo I snapped right after I changed out my memory card. 



Anyone that knows my style, knows that I love white backgrounds for my pages. However, I’m not a fan of plain white cardstock backgrounds, which is why I love to use die cut backgrounds – cut from white cardstock, to create a white-on-white look that’s subtle, but adds interest and texture. My favorite backgrounds are circles, so I used a circle background from Kerri’s Background Basics kit for this layout. Our high school colors were green, black, and white, so those were obvious color choices. I added in little yellow, since some of the photos had yellow as well, as some students had yellow cords and sashes. I die cut my camera pieces from yellow and green cardstock, along with some of the black chalkboard patterned paper that I used for my negative strip and title. To add a little extra texture to the camera, I ran the yellow cardstock pieces thru an embossing folder. 



If you’ve never tried planning out your layouts (and cards as well) within your Silhouette software, give it a try the next time you are incorporating cut files into your page design.  


What a fantastic page, right?  That camera is darling! And I love how Laura creates such an eye-candy kind-of page but it looks so clean still. Amazing! Oh, and one tip from me, sometimes I just use a grey square as a photo spot. :)


SuppliesBackground Basics (circle background) / Click (negative strip, camera, that moment)