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Stop and think for a moment.

What makes you happy?

What makes you content?

Where do you want to be?

More and more I’m content being at home. I used to enjoy hanging out with friends in the neighborhood, gathering together, visiting…but now? I feel more at home…at home. But I’m also quite content in the mountains or exploring new places. Of course, that usually means I’m with family, so really, it’s like my home away from home. ;)

Today we are seeing a slice of home from Marcy Penner as she shares a favorite tip. When I look at her pages, I get that feeling of contentment…of home.




Here’s a favorite tip from Marcy:

Life is busy and most days my memory keeping is a little less than traditional.  I’m lucky to get a photo printed and my thoughts down on paper most of the time, never mind making it “pretty”.   To make sure that I have regular documentation in my notebook, I’ve started incorporating a very simple “month in review” style spread that takes a minimal amount of time.  This consists of a very simple photo collage (made even more simple if you use the many photo templates that are available at KBS) on one page and an even simpler list of monthly highlights on the other.  
I’ve been using the month stamps from “Time Again” to note the month and then spend a little time digging through my stamps for a phrase that suits my photos to stamp beneath it.  The KBS stamps are so great for this type of thing… there’s never a shortage of appropriate phrases for me to add to these pages!
Including a monthly recap page in my notebook ensures that even if the rest of my month is just full of to do lists (which, let’s be honest, it typically is) I’ve got one spread that visually documents what DID happen as opposed to what I PLANNED on happening!
I love how she recapped the month in just simple moments.
All about where she wants to be.
It’s lovely!

I’d like to challenge you to create page on where you want to be and talk about what makes you happy + content.


Stamps | Travelogue (line) / Nowadays / Time Again. To use a photo template like in Marcy’s layout, you can find one here.


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