Well folks. Today’s the big day…(inter) National Scrapbook Day! And a Saturday. ;) I swear the weeks are going by faster and faster. And we’ve come to the end of another very fine one! We’ve had lots of inspiration, a little freebie, and a big sale! (Continues through tomorrow.)

I can’t thank this KBS Creative Team enough for all their inspiration they’ve shared. I love seeing their ingenuity shine with everything they make. They amaze me. And I hope they’ve inspired you to make some beautiful pages yourself, especially on this (i)National Scrapbook Day.

And now, we get to see some awesomeness from the lovely Miss Melissa! Melissa is known for her wonderful Traveler’s Notebook style. It’s clean and full of words and snippets and I love it. Here’s her tip for creating those fabulous pages.


I often get asked how I manage to get my daily documenting done in a Traveler’s Notebook. My favorite way is to tell one story a day, with one picture and some form of journaling usually on a journal card. For that one story I use half a page of a full two page spread (so two stories per one full two page spread). The Traveler’s Notebooks I work with have enough pages for me to do just that.



On special occasions/trips I tend to take too many photos (oops!) and I can’t narrow it down to just one photo. So for those days, one of my favorite techniques to share more than one picture is a trusty photo collage. Photo collages are a great way to share more photos and all that other pretty stuff that goes with memory keeping. I love that Kerri not only makes her stamps available in digital & physical form but have you checked out all the awesome printables she creates?!  I like to crop those printables and work them into my collages…they really add a special touch. 

To create my collages, I first select all my photos. I usually use 5 photos and 3 decorative tags/ephemera per collage. I crop those photos and tags to squares but you can make your photos to a size of your liking. If you’re like me and take most or all of your pictures on your phone there are several photo editing apps that you can resize your photos with right on your phone.



Once my photos are cropped to my needs, I put them on a blank document on my computer. There I can resize my photos to a 1.75” square. That size leaves me enough room to leave a small white border. Depending on your layout, and with most Traveler’s Notebooks being only 4” wide you just want to be careful with the sizes you choose to print your photos. You want to make sure they will all fit within your designated space. 

Then I’m ready to print. I love seeing all my photos, tags, journal cards printed on a sheet of paper.



I temporarily adhere my photos down to get the right placement before permanently adhering my photos down. I add a few extra embellishments and as simple as it is I’m done. To the opposite side of my collage I add a larger photo (3″ square or 4″x3″) and the bulk of my journaling, a stamped title and any extra bits.  




If you’ve been wanting to create a collage but didn’t know where to begin, I hope you give it a shot. 


Wow! This girl so speaks my language! Melissa  has the gift for ‘gab’. She has a way of using all these words to turn her spread into an expressive masterpiece. Always eye candy to look at!


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