Any Da Vinci Code fans out there? I like the movie, myself. And I love getting to see something that you’ve seen in a movie in real life. It just lends a better perspective.

So imagine my delight when we happened to go to this beautiful church unexpectedly. We were making our way to the Louvre, got a little turned around, and walked down the street where the chapel was. I had planned on seeing it some time because it was close to our hotel, but I love seeing things when it’s a bit unexpected.

While we were in there, I stopped to take a photo, Dan continued walking, and then a girl stopped to ask me if I’d seen The Da Vinci Code and if I knew where they’d shot the scene where he breaks the stone. I told her I liked the movie too, but that I didn’t know (why wouldn’t I have looked before???). I found Dan and saw him talking to her husband, who was asking the same thing. haha

It suddenly occurred to me to look it up on my phone….aaaannnd…mystery solved (top right photo).

Anyway, loved this church! It’s the second biggest in Paris, with Notre Dame as the biggest…obviously. ;)

So here’s my next Paris spread with pictures of the church. The details in these places always amaze me!



I tell ya what, those Brooklyn SM stamps are so my favorite! I could spell at the whole word and fit it on a 4.25″ wide paper. I also added the sentiment a fine day to explore from the Beach Vibes stamp as well as the day/date on the right. I decided I would use that same format for every new day.

Now here’s a little stamping tip for the day. I use my Misti Stamp Tool to get my stamping exactly where I want it. I feel like I was doing titles the hard way in that I was laying them out on the paper and putting the Misti over it to pick up the letters.

Then I had an a-ha moment.

I laid the first two letters where I needed them–in this case, it was the last two letters that aligned with the photo. I picked those up with the Misti clear plastic grid and then aligned all my letters on the plastic grid. Sooo much easier! Especially for the darn ‘I’. Such a narrow thing and doesn’t like standing too well whilst waiting to be picked up.

So there ya go.

Keeping it simple. Getting it done.