Did you know that hubs works on tv and movie set design? He’s done a bit in the industry and for the LDS church all here in Utah. He’s worked on the Disney show Andi Mack, a show called Extinct, Blood and Oil, he helped build Jerusalem, and so many other things here and there. His first major motion picture (Marvel) he was suppose to do got cancelled a couple years ago (politics). That would have been cool to do.

But he recently had his first ‘debut’ in the movie Wind River with Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen. Have you seen it? We were going to make our own little premier seeing it in the theater and never did.  It came out on Netflix and so I’ve seen it. Dan still hasn’t watched it. What? It’s a good story.

Anyway, Dan worked on the set for three days with his buddy making a cave for some mountain lions. If you’ve seen it, you may remember this part where Jeremy Renner came in contact with this little group.



Pretty cool, eh?

And no, he didn’t meet the actors in the show. ;)
But I am married to a pretty talented guy.

And if you’d like to see the trailer, here it is for you.
Plus, the kitties are shown here too. ;)