Well look-ee here! I thought I’d step out my Paris documenting world for a bit and work on another album I never finished…as per usual. ;) How many of you have travel albums in the works? I know I’m not alone, right?


Last year we took a trip to Hawaii–or rather, Kauai to be exact. It’s my favorite island. I was devastated to hear about the floods there recently. Hoping they recover. Mother Nature can be truly brutal.

For this spread, I used the Brooklyn XL stamps (not available currently), Beach Vibes (the tropical life) and Time Again (sunday). Additionally, I added little bits from the Travelers Pack: Paradise kit. It makes it so easy to bring an album like this all together.

And here’s a fun way to journal. Pick moments of that day and start off by using an adjective to describe the moment. It kind of mixes your journaling up a bit and makes it interesting.

And on a side note, I’m pretty sure my ‘I’ was upside down in that I used the stick-to-the-block side to stamp. Whoops. haha