Alright folks, I’m finally talking about my trip to Paris with photos and words in full!

I’ve been debating for some time how to best divi this up, because really…I took so many photos and have so much that I just truly enjoyed with trying to capture what Paris was about for me. I’d thought about breaking it down to posts about individual places of interest–like Notre Dame or Eiffel Tower, but then I thought I personally would prefer it in more of a journal or day-to day form.

So here we go!

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Okay, I cannot even truly express how much I enjoyed this trip! It was a visual delight everywhere you looked (except where people left garbage ;) ). It ended up being the place I never knew I always wanted to go to. I’m not usually the ‘big city’ type of vacationer. I prefer the small town places a bit more. So picking Paris as the destination for our 30th anniversary was a surprise to myself…but I wanted the cliche romantic trip for those thirty years. It is the City of Love, after all.



On flights, Dan and I have recently started sitting aisle to aisle–next to each other, but we’re both on the outside of the row. So I was not next to the window to take a picture of us getting close to landing. I had befriended the two ladies sitting next to me and when the one by the window took her phone out to take a picture, I had no hesitation in asking her to take one for me. :) Yes, there was snow. Not within Paris…or at least not by the time we got on the train. I think there was a skiff here or there, but not anything really. I think it had melted off.

For what happened after we got off the airplane and what we did in getting transportation, refer to the Travel Tips post.

We took the train from the airport to the Luxembourg metro stop and it was about a five-ish minute walk to the Hotel Michelet Odeon. Our room was the top, far back corner on the right (not the ‘roof’ section though).



What is it about French windows? I love the tall-paned windows.

The elevator was seriously an elevator built for two, +luggage. Once I went up with another man and it felt odd being in close quarters with someone else. haha




This was a charming hotel located a block up from the northeast side of the Luxembourg Gardens. I picked this place because it seemed fairly centrally located. About a ten minute walk to Notre Dame. The staff was amazing and it was reasonably priced for Paris (from what I saw online anyway).

We rested for a little bit and then decided we’d best get some lunch…or dinner. It was about 2:30 and we’d heard that many restaurants close from 3-7. Dan remembered seeing a cafe on our walk (hello, there were many cafes–haha), but there was one that caught his eye, Au Petite Suisse. It had amazing food!



I got the (French) onion soup and Dan had lamb with rosemary and ratatouille. Very French, oui? We both very much enjoyed our first meal in Paris! And we chose to sit upstairs at the table kind of behind those tulips there. Also, we had the onion soup a couple other times, and I liked this one best. :) The others were good, but I liked the darker broth of this soup as compared to the couple other lighter broth soups we’d had.



Since Notre-Dame was fairly close (about a ten minute walk), we decided to go see it for our evening stroll via Pont Neuf. And thinking that we’d come back to Pont Neuf, one, I didn’t take my good camera. And two, I didn’t take the pictures I thought I should. Oh well, what’s done is done (or I guess technically it’s not done).

On our way to Pont Neuf, we walked down Rue de l’Odeon. After crossing Saint-Germain, I double checked my map and road signs to make sure we were on the right path. This little alley way to our right caught my eye and I noticed it ran parallel to the street we were on. I told Dan we should walk down it. Great decision! What a delightful little walkway!



My vote is to always, always get off the beaten path! My other tip, is always turn around to see where you’ve come from as well. Because while this was visually delightful walking down, it looked even more amazing when I turned around…and then took this photo.

At Pont Neuf, we saw all the ‘love locks’ to the side in its own area. I’d read that they moved the locks off the bridge(s) because the weight was too much for the bridge.



I can’t even fathom to count just how many locks there are here.

From here we walked along the river towards Notre-Dame. There were some street vendors open. And while I wanted to shop, I also didn’t want to carry anything around. I always thought we’d go back, and while we were in the area, the weather was not good and they were pretty much closed. I guess I should never wait, eh?



This is where we got our first glimpse of this amazing cathedral. And it looks ‘small’ here in this photo. Once you get up to it….wow!



Not my best selfie, but hey, I was there….and it was cold. ;)




Details, details…and the details!

We didn’t go inside this day. We went in the next day. So I’ll share more on this place in Day 2.

Walking back to our hotel, we found the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. Some of these places you see in pictures online and you have no idea that they are right by major attractions. Hmm. Maybe that’s why you always see them online. ;)



This inside photo was actually taken on a different day because the store was closed on this day. But I thought it appropriate to put them together. After I took this one photo I got scolded, ‘No photos’. After he said it and I turned apologized, I saw the small sign saying ‘no photos’. It is an awesome looking bookstore though!

We called it an early night because we never sleep well on the plane. Figured a good night’s sleep was in order. ;)