Summertime is all about the food.

Am I right?

You’ve got your BBQs, garden harvests, road trips, destination vacations…so much good food comes during these summer months.

I know that for our family personally, we love eating good food when we go to new places. Thank heavens for Yelp to help us find those places too! And there are times that we rely on friends too. Like last week when we traveled from Costa Mesa to Yosemite and a friend said we had to stop at Dewar’s in Bakersfield.


And we hadn’t even had lunch nor was it dinner time.

Best danged peppermint ice milk EVER!



We will definitely travel for food! And another expression we have in our house comes from the movie Ever After when she says ‘I’m only here for the food.’ Yup. That’s us.

So just like there’s so much variety with food, there’s variety with this For The Food  kit, including a couple of cute decorative cards to match,  because you never know what will be good on that food layout. ;) A mix of colors, styles…a plethora of fun.

And it’s our kick-off to the One Day Monday Summer Freebie! 

This kit is available for free in the store for today only. Next Monday there will be something new available for that day only. So make sure you’re all set up on social media or the blog feed so you won’t miss a Monday, because come Tuesday…it’s no longer free.