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I’m at a different stage in life right now. My kids are grown. I don’t have grandkids yet. There are no babies to photograph doing cute things (only kitties), there are no kids’ activities, it’s mostly just me soaking in what’s around me and enjoying it. It could be the smell of lilacs or roses coming in the window in the morning, it could be the sound of the mourning dove (loooove), it could be a trip with my girls…it’s just a different time–or type–of documenting.

And it’s important. Family is important, but also the everyday…the gratitudes…what makes you smile. And documenting the hard times is important too.

That’s why I love the little things Marcy documents. Just taking the everyday and making it important for her posterity some day. I loved finding my great grandpa and grandma’s journals where they kept one-liners of the their life each day. It’s like I opened a piece of them and brought it into my life. They documented what was important to them. It gave me insight into who they were.

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A day in the life. Simple+sweet. It’s perfect!


Here’s what Marcy has to say:

One of my most treasured possessions is a slip of paper from my Granny.  It’s nothing earth shattering.  It has a landscape sketch on one side (she was a painter) and a bunch of random stuff on the other including a short grocery list, some numbers, etc.  A slip of paper that would have totally ended up in the garbage eventually I’m sure.  But I love that little piece of paper so much. It’s a big part of why I document the things I do and why I’m a big advocate of slowing down and simplifying.  It’s the simple things.  The ordinary things.  These are the things that I want to remember.  

I make typical design based pages (you know… those scrapbook-y works of art) in my notebook but usually I just document spontaneously with no great plan other than I want to preserve the moment.  When that is the case I’ll usually leave a little space for a small photo if I’ve taken one that day.  I’ll journal and stamp and document and I’ll add my photo at a later date.  When I get around to printing (I print a bunch at once because I don’t want to waste paper) I’ll go back and add my photos into the spots that I’ve left for them.  This guarantees that I get my thoughts down when they’re fresh but that I also have room for visual documentation of that moment.

All in all I want to remember why I am documenting.  I want to keep things simple… uncomplicated.  As I have been working on simplifying my life over these last couple of years I’ve realized that for me it’s all about remembering the moments and stories.  It’s about the words and the photos.  It’s about keeping it simple and creating a record of our lives.  I don’t use a ton of supplies.  Versatile stamps (thank you KBS!) and washi tape usually.  (Simple, see?) My pages don’t always have to be pretty.  There are many many pages in my notebook that are scribbles and random bits of info that are nothing special.  Usually these are my favourite ones.  Like my granny’s little slip of paper I see great value in those pages as well.

So document.  Record.  Live.  It’s all important and worth being remembered.


Oh, I so totally get it my dear friend! It’s so strange how my thoughts jive with those of my team. So many times I’ll look at their pages and come up with my own thoughts first and then I read theirs and sometimes it gives me chills! It’s like they read my mind…or vice versa. It’s kind of scary.

But in all seriousness, what she says is so true…it’s all important and worth being remembered.  I couldn’t agree more! We found notes that my mother had written, grocery lists, Christmas lists, little reminders, even Doublemint gum wrappers…we kept them all. It’s amazing what you cling to when someone you love is no longer with you. The same with my great grandparents’ journals. Can you imagine what this documenting will mean for your posterity?

It’s priceless.


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