I say…nay!

You can never have too much Yosemite! Oddly enough, me and two of the KBS Creative Team members documented Yosemite recently by chance. How crazy is that?

Yosemite is so incredibly beautiful and I love seeing it as much as I can in photos. The downside to that is, I just want to go more!

I mean seriously, take look at Laura’s pocket pages. Can you blame me?



My girls took a day trip to Yosemite National Park last summer and ended up with so many gorgeous photos. I just knew that I needed to do something with them. I had them all printed as 3×4’s, so my first thought was to create a 9×12″ pocket page spread (I also added in a 6×12″ insert page) . I am definitely loving the pocket pages these days! Something else that I’m loving lately is creating a lot of my elements digitally in Photoshop.



For my title card, I started by adding the mountains from the Escape digital stamp set along the bottom of my 4×6″ canvas. Next, I added the “national park” from the Feel Free digital stamp set above the mountains. I used Kerri’s Weathered Door Alpha kit to add “Yosemite” to the top of my title card, using the PNG files from the kit. 



I had several pockets within the spread to play with, and went searching thru Kerri’s kits for fun elements to use for filler cards. I started by finding a few fun printables that fit the the theme of my spread. For a few of the cards – “that summer feeling”, “there is no time to be bored”, and “the sun on my face” – I printed them as-is, since they were perfect just as they were. For the “wild” printable, I scooted the design on the card up a bit (it was originally in the center), knowing that I would be adding some patterned paper along the bottom third of the card. For the “this is pretty awesome” printable, I added the trees from the Feel Free digital stamp set.



When I set out to create a few more filler cards, along with my title card and journaling card, I used the color picker tool within Photoshop to match the colors from the “there is no time to be bored” card. I wanted to use the same shades of orange, brown, green, and aqua when creating my additional cards so that they would all coordinate perfectly. 



For my journaling card, I used one of the 4×6″ designs from the Recipe Card kit. The aqua dotted background was a great fit, and I changed the aqua color a bit to match the aqua in the “there is no time to be bored” printable. I added a few additional elements to my card, using a few PNG files from cut file kits, and a few digital stamps as well. 



For my “adventure” filler card, I used Kerri’s new Wander kit, using the PNG file to add the fun outline word “adventure”, and then adding a digital stamp directly below. I also created another 3×4″ filler card by adding a simple digital stamp along the bottom of the card, knowing that I would add some patterned paper to the rest of the card. 



I did add a few physical products in to finish off my cards. I found some older patterned papers that matched the colors in the “there is no time to be bored” printable perfectly, and added in a few other coordinating patterned papers as well. A few strips of washi tape, a few tiny staples, and a puffy heart sticker were all I needed to embellish my cards. 





I love how this pocket page spread turned out, and I had so much fun pulling designs from so many of Kerri’s kits and combining them to create all of my cards to fill my empty pockets. There’s so much you can do digitally, using her designs – whether they’re actual digital stamps, printables, or the PNG files from her cut file kits. The possibilities are endless! 


Oh my goodness gracious! It’s fantastic! Laura did an amazing job putting her own twist on the digital elements to make her cards. I love it!

Now, I think we should all take a trip to Yosemite.

Who’s with me? :)