I love retro looking signs. Their clean and simple design speaks volumes to me. Therefore, Summer Signs are in order for today’s Monday freebie!


While these designs were intended for the American and Canadian July holidays, they are versatile in word choice in that they can be up all summer–or even all year. Or, you can even use them for a trip in said country.



And for those that aren’t Canadian or American? We’ve got ya covered with a Summer themed sign! Check the store here to see that. How cute is this  display from my sweet Canadian friend Miss Cindy Schow?!

Print them for a frame or large sign, cut them in vinyl or use the vinyl as a stencil to paint. You can even use it with heat transfer for your own one-of-a-kind t-shirt!



And when it’s time to document, print yourself a card. Again, I’m going with a less traditionally themed holiday and more retro colors…that you can change, if desired. So much fun! These cards would also be awesome to document a trip in America or Canada or just your summertime fun.



Besides the usual cut files and PNG file, there’s an ‘XL’ version of the PNG so that you can print a large version and lay it into a sign that you already have…like I’ve done in the first photo. Just size it as needed, take it to a copy place, have them print and trim it to size onto whatever paper you’d like.

I believe in just adapting what you have for holidays so that you have that much less stuff.
I don’t need more stuff. ;)