You guys, I can’t believe it’s July! I swear time is on fast forward. But you know what that first-of-the-month thing means, right?

New stamps!

Today we have Whatever and Label Maker.

In all honesty, I’ve been having a bit of an attitude problem to go with the fun of what it means to be 51. It may have spilled over into my design as a source of inspiration for Whatever. I’m not really sure. ;)

As for Label Maker, this one–believe it or not–has been on the back burner, half done, for two years. What? I wanted a set of labels that would be perfect to work with a great many of the KBS stamps. And folks, this is it!

But hellooooo, look at what Melissa has made with the Whatever stamps!



Whatever is such a fun stamp set. I used it to create this layout about me finally getting to a point of letting things, that weigh me down, go. I’m into simplicity and I want that for my life too, so having a carefree attitude can make a bit of a difference. This stamp set just screams carefree (in a good way) to me. 

This layout I’m sharing was so simple to create and quite possibly my most colorful project to date. 



For this layout I stamped a background on the left side of the spread with a few of the stamps from the Whatever stamp set. I used four different colors of ink but the possibilities are endless. 

I did work on a scratch piece of paper first to make sure that I had an idea of where to stamp and to make sure that all the stamps I wanted to use would fit. I used a black and white photo so the background would be the focal point. For the right side I added a quote from Dr. Seuss and some journaling. Really simple and I love how the stamps tell the story. 



I hope you grab a stamp for yourself and create something fun.
Until next time, friends. 


That word collage is fantastic! Love the mix of styles and colors.
It definitely lightens my attitude. haha

Oh, and the stamps are on sale today and tomorrow.


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