I primarily work in my big comfy chair–legs curled up under me or stretched out on the foot rest of the recliner–in front of my big window where I see my lilacs in spring and then my yellow roses when summer begins….along with the magnificent Mt. Timpanogos all year round.

It’s a heavenly place to work. Talk about a work space with a view!

So that’s why I needed a lovely rose design for this Monday’s freebie…and make a page with it. :)



I cut two of the simpler rose+leaf combos from the Roses kit to create a border. Wanting this in the middle of a travelers notebook made it a little more difficult to place. Therefore, I laid one out at the bottom–using my photo as a guide too, used a pencil to create a straight line where I would cut, trimmed it and then tacked it to the photo. I then repeated it for the top one.



Doing it that way made it easy to create the proper trimmed  line and then I could add my adhesive using a Zig glue pen.



I was all for having a very clean spread for this because I loved all the spring-related nature photos I’d happened to take this week. So I made a pocket with the  idea of using the file folder design from the Life Additions #2 kit. However, I had more to say than would fit on the small card, so I made a longer card that folded up. And in doing so, I opted to throw in another photo on the face of it, because…why not?



I made adjustments to the file folder in two ways. I sized as well as clicked on the points on the right to extend out the design (double-click the design to expose the points). I also clicked on the points at the right of the tab to make it wider. I typed my text in another program because it’s so much easier and then pasted it into a text box, changing the font and such to fit. I also filled the font with black and turned off the line color.

But again, it was more than the card space could handle, so to make sure it fit properly I doubled the design and moved it down, staying within the lines of the first folder.



Once I knew my text would fit, I Welded the two folders together to make one. Then I set it up as a print and cut and was on my way.



I also have to say that after stamping the word NATURE that this is the reason why I love using my Misti.



Even though I always test my stamping, sometimes it still doesn’t work on my project. If I’d used my Misti stamping tool, I could have laid the letters back down perfectly and make a better impression. Oh well, I guess it just looks more…um…nature-al. ;) Those are the Brooklyn stamps, by the way

I add a sentiment from Fresh Air (outside>inside) on the tab and and a sentiment from Feel Free (give me more) onto  a label design from the July’s new Label Maker stamp.

I would like to add my usual keeping it simple, getting it done mantra, but in this one did require a bit more time….which is fine once in a while. Also, make sure you have a good mat and blade when cutting something in the delicate range on your cutter. I cut the designs and it had a few issues. Then I switched out the blade and it was much better! I also use my American Crafts cardstock, which will forever be my favorite cardstock when cutting on my Silhouette!

And yes, I’m still using Studio v.3. Still haven’t dived into that v.4 yet. ;)

And here’s a completely random tip. I am a saver. I am constantly saving as I go because there’s been too many times when I’ve been working on something and the program crashes. Doesn’t matter if it’s Studio, Illustrator, Photoshop, Word…it happens. So when I’m working on something that I know I don’t want to keep, I call it junk ____. That way I know I can delete, because more often than not, I won’t remember to delete it when I’m done, so I’ll know what to delete later when I remember to get rid of those files.

P.S. Did you see the new stamps yesterday? So much fun!