Go With The Flow

I swear. This month is already flying by. This summer is flying by! Wasn’t the 4th just a few days ago? Now July is already half over?

Have you documented your Fourth of July (or Canada Day) fun yet? How was your holiday? Was it perfection? Or did you have to go with the flow due to inclement weather like our good friend Maggie here?

Check out her story…


Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. 
Like a recipe, or project, or date night.
Or major party for 45 guests that you plan on having completely outside and don’t make a ton of arrangements for in case of rain and it ends up POURING RAIN for the entirety of the party except for like 30 minutes. 



Thank goodness for friends and family who are just fine with going with the flow and moving everything to a stuffy garage, and to kids who don’t mind a whole lot of rain!
This is the story of our 4th of July.



And, while the party itself was a bit chaotic & hectic (and SO STINKING FUN), documenting the party was a breeze with Kerri’s Whatever stamp set.
It contained exactly the phrases I needed to help me tell this story.
And, with a little help from the Defined, Brooklyn & Brooklyn Etc. stamp sets, I was able to get this spread finished in no time at all!


Oh my goodness. We had a family reunion like this…at a park…and then the sky darkened and exploded in rain, lightening and thunder. We gathered it all up and took it to my niece’s house. Never let a bit of unexpectedness (ehem) dampen your fun. ;)

Love Maggie’s use of all the stamps here! Spreading ‘attitude’ on one side with the Whatever stamps and creating a marvelous date accent on the other! Finished off with a splash of definitions from Defined along the bottom.


And just to let y’all know, the July stamps, Whatever and Label Maker, have been rather popular. There’s only a handful of each of these left and won’t be in stock again in the nearest of futures.

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