I started putting this together a few weeks back, but it was too early for something in the ‘back to school’ category. But now? It’s August (what???). I see kids going back to school, shopping for school supplies and clothing….the time is here. I was even at the shoe store this weekend for Dan to get some work shoes and oh my goodness, all the families that were out getting shoes? hoo.



I’ve had this notion of creating a fairly simple alphabet background. I do have a couple other fun alpha-numeric backgrounds here and here,  but I wanted this to be a basic alphabet background, from a-z.

And that brings us to the ABC Background. There’s one rendition that’s somewhat square-ish in size and the other is long version that I must  use in my travelers notebook! I’m not sure where I will use it as I have no kids in school anymore. Any ideas on what I could use it for? I must use it. After all, it’s already cut. :)

It would also look way cute printed or even Minc’d and put in a frame!