Sometimes I think we get so caught up in the everyday that we forget to–ehem–stop and smell the roses. Those moments where we take notice of the little things around us. In making those observations, I think we come to appreciate more and even become more grateful. Additionally,  by documenting those things, we share a piece of who we are.

That’s why I love this spread on Marcy’s flowers. Not only is it part of her life, but I think it will share a bit of who she is to her posterity–how she lived, what she loved, what grew at her home, how they grew, etc. By her stopping to document her flowers, she now has a record of life for her loved ones.

Take a look at this sweet spread…which also happens to use Sketch #2.




Ohhhh how I love Marcy’s documenting! She has a gift for simplicity and her work just wows me. Love how she took the ‘block’ idea from the sketch on the left and made it from journaling and a photo. What a great twist!

Let’s hear what Marcy has to say about it.

For this spread I mimicked the two photos on the right page with two journaling blocks on the left.  Additionally, on the left I have a photo in the center and on the right I have a title stamped in a label on the right (Hello Life).  These two pages, while different, mirror each other and stay balanced.

On thing I tend to do over and over again is split up my journaling.  It adds a little bit of interest and a little bit of whimsy to my spreads… especially when they’re super simple.

Here I gathered a few photos from my current garden and documented what has worked and what hasn’t worked in my plots this year. I stamped my subtitle “observations” (Travelogue) and just journaled all my thoughts.  I could have also journaled about things that worked on the top of the photo and things that didn’t on the bottom. This year I think both lists are fairly even so that probably would have worked well too.  Either way having my journaling in two separate locations keeps my eye moving across the page and taking in the whole spread.


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