A Change of Direction

Ha! Now that I have your attention… :)

This change of direction…it’s not exactly what you may think.

Y’all know I’m travelers notebook kind-of gal. And I love seeing what other people do in theirs. One thing I have yet to try is going the other way, so that your page is wide, rather than tall.

Check out what our lovely friend, Miss Marcy has done.



I try really hard to let my notebook just be what it wants to be.  I’ve been in the “scrapbooking” world for a long time now and it’s important to me to keep it so that I love documenting.  For me this has meant letting the way I document change and grow with my family.  For me, right now, this means simple, meaningful and easy.



Case, in point.  For this spread I really just had this little photo my daughter took that I wanted to remember.  I didn’t feel the need to get crazy creative and create this magnificent spread in my notebook.  In fact I didn’t feel like making a spread at all.  I just wanted to document it!  A bit of patterned paper and a sprinkling of stamps.  That’s all I need.



So what will end up on the next page?  No idea.  Maybe another photo.  Maybe a to-do list.  I don’t know.  All I know is that for me, at this point in my creative journey, it’s just important that I remember these moments.

And as far as that goes, I succeeded.


That’s kind of a fun way to do your documenting, eh? Kind of mix things up? While I really like when people do it, I think the perfectionist in me can’t turn my own book to do it. ;)

I think Marcy’s page is gorgeous like this though. It really works. And I love her completely organic way of documenting. Just letting it all go with the flow. Not forcing a second page. Whatever happens, happens.

So what about you? Have you changed directions…in any format?


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  1. hgauvin September 11, 2018 at 5:40 am

    I, like you, have admired the “long page” but I have always made the “tall page”. I’m going to make a long page though because I’m ok with having a long page next to a tall page. There are no rules and in the future, no one is going to look at my TN and say, “why did she go wide with this page and go narrow with the next”. Hopefully, they’ll just enjoy what’s there!

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