No, this is not a prelude to the upcoming ‘spooky’ month of October, but rather, about the lovely things that happen to your vision as you get older.

Several years ago–being 52 now and all–I found I started to need reading glasses. I’ve never been able to see far away and have had glasses or contacts since 6th grade. And, I might add, it wasn’t cool to have glasses when I was a kid. ;)

Not too long after having made my personal vision assessment, I had a regular eye appointment wherein my doctor introduced me to the wonderful world of mono-vision.

It’s where they lessen the prescription of one eye so that you can see better close up. I mean, I can read right up to my face without contacts where Dan cannot–he having perfect vision…except for reading now.

What a glorious thing mono-vision is! I love not having to worry about reading glasses or transferring to a bifocal or some other glass situation. And my BFF, who has perfect vision but has also reached the mature status, had her doctor set her up with mono-vision as well. She has one contact for reading and the other eye has nothing at all.

It really is marvelous. Try it out if you’ve never had the opportunity.

Alas, our dear friend Laura has entered the wonderful world of reading glasses.

Lets…um…take a look. ;)




You look gorgeous babe. And so does your page! Do y’all recognize the layout? Laura’s using Sketch #1 from last month as a two-page 6×8 spread. Looks beautiful with that large photo of her!

Here’s what Laura has to say:

For this 6×8″ spread, I used Sketch #1. I tweaked a few things, but I think it still resembles the sketch fairly well. Instead of using a full 6×8″ photo for the right side of the spread, I printed a 5×8″ photo and added a strip of patterned paper along the right side of the photo to fill the page. 

Instead of having an additional photo on the left page of the spread, I added a larger journaling block in it’s place. I moved my title, created with Kerri’s All About Fall kit, to the bottom of the first page, and die cut some cute glasses, using the Have A Great Summer kit, to add to the top of the page.

I originally had all of my elements centered on the left page, but ended up shifting a few things over to make room for the paper flowers I decided to add to embellish the page. 

As you can plainly see, the page is amazing.
And if you can’t see it, perhaps it’s time for some reading glasses. ;)