Make no mistake.

Fall is my favorite.

And you know why, right? The colors. The change in the air. The cripsness. The long sleevesIt’s just a beautiful time of year! However, I guess all that change depends on where you live. ;)

I don’t know that I could ever live somewhere that I wouldn’t have seasons.
I need my fall.

And if you can take a drive in the mountains during fall?

oh my!


Ever since I made the Three Trees design, I’ve been dying to use it. Yay!



I used the Brooklyn stamps for Amazing and topped it off with the Explore from DefinitionsUnder the photo you’ll find a couple more photos from the week and some journaling.

And I love that polka dot masking tape! It’s a fave. Got it a couple years ago at a craft fair in Chicago.

On the right page I used Label Maker to add a phrase from Hocus Pocus–it’s not just for Halloween, ya know.

Keeping it simple (ish) and getting it done. As always.

(Cutting+gluing trees did take a wee bit more time. ;) )