Have you been to Disneyland and seen The Haunted Mansion? So much fun, right? And in California, I love it when they deck it out with Nightmare Before Christmas! I was so excited to see how Disneyworld compared when we went one October and was soooooo sad it wasn’t dressed up! What the heck? What’s wrong with them? ;)

Well, to celebrate Halloween I hand-lettered a quote from the spooky tale and put it in the new Haunted Mansion kit. And of course, I also had to do some fun typography with it…right? right?

I added it to a bit of fall decor.



And of course, I had to try it in another style.  :)



Now, the one thing I love is having items that have more than one purpose. So I purchased a couple frames from Hobby Lobby to try these out.

The frame for the hand-written version already had a design in it. Now while it doesn’t go with my own decor, it could be used at different times in the year. That being said, you could also put more phrases in it through out the year.



I printed mine a nice cardstock at a copy center. I would recommend only going as large as 13×19. If you go larger than that, I found that the cost goes from under $1 to $15.

I also bought a wooden frame that had an inset piece. Rather than placing it behind the frame like you would think you would, I put it in front of the frame, setting it inside it all instead.




I backed this one with poster board since it had an open back. You could also back it with foam core and then set all your art pieces on top of it. I don’t have a problem placing the art in the frame. They are pretty good at staying in.

And you know it’s not just for home decor, right? It is awesome Minc’d and added to your memory keeping. FYI, I don’t have kiddos that haunt my house–they are all grown up, so I’m just using an October page in my example. :)



And how’s about an insert of the script printed on vellum? gasp!



There are different options available because this girl needs her choices. And if I do, so do you. ;)



And on a completely serendipitous note, I normally print my blacks on my photo printer using Epson Premium Presentation Matte paper. Sadly, my black is next to nil–ink is in the mail. So I printed it on my laser printer. I accidentally ran my fingers across it and some rubbed off.

Well blow me down and call me Charlie, because it took on a distressed look. So I rubbed around edges and roughed it up some. Kind of a cool, unintended effect.


Oh! And if you missed the news on social media, now that all the shipping is caught up on preorders and such, I found that I have a handful of Brooklyn XLs left. There are also a handful of Brooklyn XL Outlines left as well. They won’t be ordered again until early spring, so now is the time. And they are awesome for December projects. :)


Also used in TN: Stamps from Hocus Pocus, Oh Yeah and Time Again.