Goodness. It’s November and fall is falling. We went to the in-laws Friday night and I was inches deep in a blanket of leaves–carefully stepping in the huge piles with my white sneakers so as not to get them dirty as they sunk into the multiple layers. While celebrating my mother-in-law’s 85th birthday, a storm came blowing in quite fiercely. When we left, all the leavers were gone! That great big multi-colored blanket of crunch had blown away. And noticeably, many trees were bare come Saturday.

I’m so sad. I love seeing all the changing colors. Now half the trees are completely bare. Winter is coming. Oy.

But before that happens, we need to document our fall stories, right? And Miss Marcy has the perfect way to do that!




Mmmmm….lo0ove that It’s A Date stamp there! It blends so beautifully with the Brooklyn Outline stamps too! Add some sweet fall leaf paper and voila! Loveliness.

Here’s what Marcy has to say:

If I could pick just two types of stamps to have in my stash it would be ones like these.  A good, simple alphabet and a label set.  Really, what more could a girl need?  
To document this first little look at fall on the farm I ran a simple column down my page that consists of my photo, a title, some journaling and a dated label.  That’s really all I needed.
The plan was to watercolour in the title on my page but in the end I just left it as is. I may go back and do that because i think it’d look pretty awesome!  But more likely I’ll just do that on another spread some other time. 
And those date label stamps!?!  Perfection.  I stamped a whole bunch on a sheet of cardstock that are just ready to be cut out and dated when they’re needed.
Give me the simple stuff and I’m good.  Versatile, classic stamps and a roll of washi tape will keep me documenting the good stuff every single time!