Y’all know my affinity for trees, right? Christmas….trees….you know what’s coming for today’s free design?



Say hello to Skinny Minnie Trees!

Ack! I know these may seem ‘simple’, but oh my goodness…I love them. Funny thing. I had this other idea on adding these trees to a paper bag, but when I ran across my glittery silver paper from Michaels, I gasped. I knew the trees needed to be silver.

And now about that paper bag. In case you were wondering, yes…yes I cut it from wrapping paper using the Paper Bag: Flat design. How fun, right? The whole ensemble would be cute with a little tag too, but I was in a silver on silver mood with the string and just didn’t want anything else. ;)

Now since we’re all about trees today, here’s an awesome idea for making ornaments from our friend Melanie Blackburn.



Okay, I am looking at that stamping and thinking that turned out pretty darn cool! It almost looks painted on. Wow.

Here’s what Mel has to say:

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to contributing to Kerri’s 12 day of Christmas. This year I opted to share a project I did with my daughters where we created tree ornaments for their teachers using the Deck the Halls and Happy Christmas stamp sets.

Handmade gifts are always so special and finding a way to include my daughters in the creation of their teacher gift was very important for me. We selected stamp sets that they thought would please their teachers. Since the stamping surface of the wood ornament was uneven and a bit challenging to use, I did most of the stamping.

In the end they have a lovely project to share with their teacher. Stamps are so very versatile and this is a great way to make the most use of your stamps.

Happy crafting and most of all, Merry Christmas!


Now that is such a neat idea! I love having a craft where you can involve your kids–and then they get to give it to their teacher. How special is that? Thank you so much for sharing this little goody with us Miss Mel!