Believe it or not, there’s more that happens in December besides Christmas. There’s this whole thing called winter going on for many people. ;) I think because of that winter thing, us cold-regioned people have a tendency to stay indoors. Not to mention how so many people all over take time off this month to spend time…at home.

I often think Christmas…home…Christmas…home…
The two words are synonymous for a great many people.

And that’s why I love this spread from Marcy today. Taking a moment to share what she loves during this winter time–and her being a Canadian girl and all where it gets reaaaally cold!

Take a look and this gorgeous spread.




The color blocking of photo and paper strips is perfection. I also love the double layer of the leaves. It all came together so beautifully.

Here’s what Marcy has to say:

I’m 100% guilty of having a scrap drawer.  For some reason I just can’t toss out those little bits of paper.  The patterns, the colors… it’s just such a happy drawer!  A quick and easy way for me to use those scraps up is to create a grid or stacked design on my spread.  This often included incorporating tags, labels and stamped words into the mix. And that’s exactly what happened on this spread.

Here I pulled out little bits of paper that had a cool wintery vibe and stacked them with my photo and journaling.  In one spot where a paper would have gone I added a stamped title (from Home) to a label  and used that in it’s place!  To soften the design I tucked in some stamped leafy branches on vellum (also from Home).  Originally I was just going to include the one stamped in light grey but I just wasn’t standing out enough so I added one stamped in black over top of it.  A little bit of whimsy for an overall structured spread.

Pages like this are really quick and simple, as well as being a great way to use up all those little pieces of paper you have lying around.

Tip: Feel free to stamp with regular stamp pads on vellum… just make sure to give them time to dry before handling them.

Don’t forget to document what you love about home in the winter time this holiday season. :)

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And now…speaking of color blocking…what could you do with today’s free design of Christmas Paper?



I’ve printed the papers as 4″ squares here, but you could do 12×12 or add a small print to your pocket page (December Daily)…or so many other fun options.

Get the free Christmas Paper kit now as the freeness goes away at midnight…unlike winter, which won’t be leaving us any time soon. Guess who’s staying indoors. ;)

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I couldn’t stop making words! They just kept popping in my head and I just had to do them. :) That’s where the madness comes into the kit. haha–or should that be muuuaaah ah ah ahhhh. And then there are some variations, of course. Like, I prefer Merry-Ment over the correct spelling of Merri-Ment. So there are both versions just in case you are like me…or not like me. ;) Oh, and there are backing pieces for them all as well.