Oh me, oh my! Looks like we have a lot of reading fans out there! About two-thirds of the Read stamps are gone! Thank you for the love of these and the new Brooklyn Lower + Outline version as well…that are almost half gone.

And when you see what Melissa has for us today? If you’re on the fence, this may just push you over. ;)






All the details with all the stamps is just amazing. I love the little tab. And then how Melissa used the Brooklyn Lower stamps for her quote? sigh. It all came together perfectly.

Let’s hear from Melissa:

This school year my daughter set a goal for herself to read, read, read (more than what is assigned by her teachers). I wanted to document her love of reading, which has really bloomed in the last couple of years. I love finding her in unusual places throughout the house, away from all the hustle and bustle, lost in her stories. 

Kerri’s new Read stamp set arrived on my doorstep just at the perfect time.

I snapped a picture of some of the books my daughter has finished reading this school year. She has a really big collection of books, and I’m so glad that my younger two have shown a lot of interest in the books she’s collected over the years. 

Then I snapped a picture of her snuggled up on the couch reading this Winter Break. Behind the picture of her reading, I made a flip out page to list the books she’s finished reading this school year, so far. There’s room for me to make another list of books she finishes as she continues with her reading. I also included a list of books she has on her ‘to read’ list. Such a fun stamp set and one that I will be using quite often.