One Little Word 2019 | Order

I’ve thought long and hard about what I want my One Little Word to be this year.

There’s pretty much one thing that I feel needs some serious work in my life. It’s the only word that keeps coming to me over and over and over. I don’t know that it’s your typical One Little Word, but no other word would come to me. And that word is:

This goes beyond the typical January reorganizing or spring cleaning. Because let’s face it, it’s gonna take me way longer than that to get all aspects of my life in order, albeit much of the order needing to be done is house related.

Sometimes I wonder how it all gets so carried away. I mean, I feel like I’m constantly getting rid of stuff , yet I feel like our house (in particular) is more ‘cluttered’ than ever! How does that happen? You should have seen how much I gave away scrapbook-wise, especially after my QVC days. That took up tons of space!

I miss the simple days from when we first moved in and we had very little with our one child and one on the way. I want to get back to that.

I also need order from a business standpoint. There are things I need to do and accomplish and organize.

I need to start by making a plan. Not just a list, but an actual plan. Realistic goals each month. I had started this once last September when we bought cabinets to put downstairs. But for various delaying reasons, it never got finished.

This is my year to finish…to get it done.

This is my year to get everything in order.

And my first order of business…business-wise (ha ha) is to do a little clearing of items that have pretty much been a part of my store since the beginning. And with that, comes a Clearance Sale where most of these things are about half off through January and then they will say goodbye.

My style has changed…evolved…and scrapbooking styles have changed too. I used to think why not just keep everything? But now I think keeping the store fresh is a good idea. :)

Part of this clearance sale includes the This+That full kits. The shapes will remain for now. The 7gypsies trays  just aren’t as available as they used to be–part of the times, I suppose. These kits had their time in the sun. They are such a fun item. I will always think of them fondly. They were the first ‘big sellers’ I had. Who remembers getting them starting clear back in 2010? Back before I had a real store and I had to personally email them to y’all! Can you believe that?

We’ve definitely come a long way!

So there you have it. I’ve started a bit of order into this year.

What’s your word?


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  1. Tracey January 5, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    Great word. I feel the same way about clutter, I feel like I’m drowning it in right now. I’ve started the 30day minimalist challenge from The Minimalists and its already helping. Enjoy your year and your word

  2. Melanie Arrowood January 6, 2019 at 9:58 am

    I remember those trays. I have one sitting on a shelf behind me (and I still have the emails…because, well clutter ugh). My one word is Focus. I am a multi-tasker by nature which is fine, but I can also find a rabbit’s hole or squirrel like nobodies business. Which is probably why I’m just now finishing up my business plan for 2019. Thankfully I don’t do that with other people, just myself.

  3. Charmaine January 13, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    Belated happy new year, Kerri! I am sad to see the This and That kits going away – I have thoroughly enjoyed all the ones I have made. However, I am glad for the sale – picked up two more today! What I think would be marvelous would be a file that replicates the 7 Gypsies Tray design in cardstock so we could continue to make these AND have the “trays” to insert them into. My sister lost her tray in the 2018 spring flood that wiped out her home and I would love to replace it. Perhaps this is something you could put your digital engineering skills to work on? As for styles, yes, they change and wouldn’t it be great to see you apply your new aesthetic to the tray idea? Sort of a “clean and simple” tray design? For me, I am less tolerant of clutter as I age, but these trays are “controlled clutter” so I don’t mind them. :-) As for a word for 2019, I have not chosen one but I beat cancer last year and find I have needed to learn patience with myself; just be aware I cannot do it all, and that is okay! So I guess patience is my word.

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