January is a time for goals…for motivation. We see and have little reminders to push us along

Last January I decided to set a goal to practice my handwriting on my new iPad and learn about it in the process. I thought it might be fun to do that again this year writing motivational and inspiring quotes.

Although, last year I set out to do one a day and that did not work since I was sick most the month.

Therefore, this year I’m making a more realistic goal and create 2-3 phrases to share each Monday in a kit as a little Motivational Monday series.

I have to say, the past year or two I’ve really tried to live by focusing on what gives me joy. So of course I needed this written for our Motivation #1 kit.



The next one, being a Mary Poppins fan and all, needed to be this.



This quote comes from the play, which I wasn’t a fan of. ;) It did have it’s moments, but I need the Disney-fied version. The play is kind of darker.

Have you seen the latest Mary Poppins? So much fun!