It’s no secret…I love a white background. In my eyes, my view, I think it makes the photos and journaling the center of attention. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like a splash of color. I welcome it. It’s just enough to add to the mood of the page.

So when our Miss Marcy shared this spread with me using color splotches as a complement to the story of her painting progress, I was giddy!

Take a look.




Marcy says:

I’m trying to be mindful of documenting my journey as a painter.  I want to have a record of how I’m improving and how I started.  For this spread I use a sheet of paint palette patterned paper for the left and kept my photo and journaling on the right.  

I flipped through my stamps and picked out ones that had something to do with what I was trying to say.  This is typical for me.  They may not all be the same tone (like the “have an apple”) but they do all apply to the subject at hand.  I stamped the selected phrases onto a scrap of paper, trimmed them out and adhered them on the inside of my spread along with a simple embellishment.


What a fabulous idea to use a paint swatched paper. You could also make your own or create it with stamping inks too. It’s the perfect accent to her spread about something that she’s working on personally–her own painting.

Love it!


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