Holy cannoli, my friends! I can’t believe March has arrived! It sure doesn’t feel like the ‘spring’ month should be happening with the way February has been the main winter-weathered month. But I’m looking forward to the new month and the hopefully warmer days!

And speaking of days, there are two brand new stamp sets today–same design in two different sizes. That would be Day By Day comin’ at ya on a 3×4 sheet and Day By Day XL on a 4×6 sheet.

Here’s a little peek at my Monday, Mondaaaay from this week.



It’s sporting the Monday in the Day By Day XL size (4×6). This XL coordinates size-wise with the About Time XL Limited Release (6×8). The regular Day By Day (3×4)  coordinates withe the About Time (4×6).

I hope it’s not all too confusing. Usually I reserve the ‘XL’ name for the 6×8 size, but since the days of the week could fit on a 4×6…wellll…there ya go. :) I wanted the names and individual stamp sizes to be the same.

Here’s a little comparison of the two Day By Day sizes.

Both sizes are pretty fun. I like big words, but littler ones are also good to have for subtlety and for smaller spaces. They also come as digitals in PNG and ABR format.

Also, through the weekend you can save 10% on these new beauties. 

Now, you think that’s cool ;)….guess what’s back today!

Brooklyn XL and Brooklyn XL Outline!



Could this day get any better?

Oh wait, yes. Yes, it can!

All Brooklyn alphabets and By The Numbers (coordinates with the XLs) are ON SALE 10% off through the weekend!

You can find them all HERE.

Also, there are several stamps that have been restocked, including the very popular Read stamps! I have a very difficult time keeping these in stock, so snag them while you can.