…without the moving part. ;)

There’s a particular type of purging that goes on when you move. And when you spend 27+ years in a home and don’t move, then you can get yourself into trouble. Doesn’t seem to matter that I swear I keep purging, I feel more out of control than ever…hence, my one little word, order. I’m gonna get there though. Maybe in a week or two, I’ll actually start. ;)

So there was a tiny bit of jealousy in my less-than-orderous (ya, it’s a word) life when I saw this spread from Laura and her ambitions to bring it all together at her new, scaled-down establishment.

Take a look.



With our recent move a few months ago came lots and lots of projects that needed doing once we were in the new-to-us house. Little projects and big projects. I had lots of help on many of the projects from my very handy family – my mom can fix/build just about anything, my brother is the same, and my dad is a pro at the outdoor/yard stuff. But I’m also proud to say that I took on a ton of the projects myself, as I’m the handy one in our little family.

I realized I had quite a few photos I had taken while working on these projects, and thought it would be fun to create a pocket page spread about some of the projects that I both tackled AND accomplished. I put together a 6×12″ pocket page spread that will go in my personal album, adding in a 4×8.11″ insert as well.



I printed my photos as 3×3’s and 3×4’s and slipped them into the pockets, leaving a few empty so that I could add in my title card and a few filler cards. I decided to go digital with these cards, using a mix of Kerri’s designs and a few digital papers that I happen to have in my digital collection. 
To create my title card, I used a graph patterned paper for the background, along with a small strip of woodgrain patterned paper along the bottom. I used the PNG file for “currently”, taken from the Grammar School: The Adverbs kit, and added in “all the things” using the Digital Stamps: Home kit to create the main part of my title (I added the “fixing and building” using the text tool and a fun font). 



I cropped the What’s Next digital card into a 3×3″ square, and used it as is in one pocket. I wanted a black background to go with the Can’t Stop Me, so I copied part of the black distressed background from the “What’s Next” card and sized it to fit my 3×4″ background before adding the “Can’t Stop Me” PNG file (which I changed to white) to complete my filler card. 
I also printed a 1×4″ strip of that same black distressed part of the What’s Next card to add to the top of my larger 4×8″ photo that I printed for the backside of the insert page. On the front side of the insert, I added my journaling page, adding a strip of the woodgrain digital patterned paper that I used on the title card. 


I had one more 3×3″ pocket to fill, so I created a background using the woodgrain digital patterned paper, and added the cute sketch house from the Digital Stamps: Gather Together kit (which I changed to white). 
I love pulling Kerri’s designs together, both her cut files (and the PNG’s that go with them) and her digital stamps, to fit the needs of whatever project I’m working on. There are times when I’m all about working with physical papers and products, and using my Silhouette to die cut designs – and there are times when I’m all about working digitally, using Photoshop to create what I need. And I love that Kerri’s designs offer the flexibility to be used in so many ways!