I love making the most of my space. You know, clever ways of adding more to your layout than what would ordinarily be there? Maybe tuck some journaling on a tag behind a photo or make a photo flip…something like that.

I have to say, that Melissa has taken page expansion all to a whole new level. You’re gonna flip over what she’s done!

Take a look.


I love my Traveler’s Notebooks, I really appreciate the compact size of a TN, well most days anyway. Lately we’ve been having so many full days and weekends, I’ve been finding myself needing more space to document an entire weekend or a busy day. 



My solution? I’ve been adding in ‘flip outs’ into my notebooks. Yes, I could just use another page, but I like to try to document at least one story for each day of the month in one TN so that really limits my space. Plus, I really like the look of having all or most of the story together when you turn the flip out out. 



The easiest way I add a flip out into my TN is to fold an 8″ x 8″ piece of paper in half and adhering it onto the notebook page. The way you adhere the folded piece of paper into your notebook matters only if you care which way you want your flip out to, well, flip out. 



For this spread I used two full size photos (with different orientations). I stamped directly onto those photos. Stamping directly onto my photos allows me to “embellish” or add some interest to my spread without bulking up my TN. I also printed some photos and tags I put together (all using digital stamps) at 2″ x 2″  to create a collage. All but one of those little photos are stamped on (digitally). For my journaling tag, I resized a digital tag from the “Tagged” stamp set to 4″ x 8″ to fit into my TN. 


[ Stamps: Tagged, Go, Deck The Halls, Travelogue, Wanderlust, Escape and Away ]


Okay. All those stamps?

mind. blown.