When I was in my search for balance and happiness in life and work, I came across this quote:


I tell you what. I couldn’t agree more! When I made the decision to just let go of the pressures of trying to do it all–and more (this post), my ‘calm waters’ just made everything clear.

It’s amazing how prioritizing and eliminating the ‘not as important’ things from your life can actually lift you and create that calm that you need to do the things that are most important.

When I’m bogged down with a dozen different tasks, ideas or life responsibilities, I get a little crazy. I can’t see my big picture. I can’t complete my big picture…or complete it as it should be done. But when I focus on a couple of things, I can think more clearly and I feel more energized.

This has been liberating.

You can pick up this handwritten quote in the store for free HERE. Print it. Post it as a reminder to yourself that it’s okay to say no and remove ‘to-do’ items that you really don’t need to do. It’s okay. Really. :)