I tell you what, Go. See. Do. is my motto. Actually, I think I’ve abbreviated it to just Go, but you get the gist. :) For as long as I can remember I’ve always felt like I was going–living in different places, taking road trips…just always on the move, going from place to place. I love it.

And today, we get to see where Sheree did when she went and saw (past tense of go, see, do. ;) ) Take a look at her very refreshing (in all the ways possible) page.


I wanna go there! I love the white space, I love the big photo, I can’t help but take this deep breath and sigh. Simple and beautiful.

Now let’s hear what Sheree has to say:

For this traveler’s notebook spread I paired the PNW and the new BRB stamp sets together.  I made the large “Go See Do” stamp from BRB into an upside-down tag for the title on the first page. 

The rest of the stamps I used were from the PNW stamp set.  I love that this stamp set is so versatile!  Even though this is a US themed set, the majority of stamps included can be used by anyone, anywhere to suit a variety of themes!  I’m in Australia and I know I’ll be reaching for this set again and again.

Sheree, I couldn’t agree more! While there are some specific PNW-themed stamps, there are soooo many other stamps that can be used for any excursion.

This little Aussie girl, nailed it folks! And, this Aussie girl also has a video for y’all!