About three weeks ago Dan and I flew to California to visit Jordan as well as my dad and stepmom. When we went to visit my dad, we’d found out that he traded in their Honda Pilot for a Mazda CX-5…a little sportier and zippier…much more my stepmother’s style. ;)

I had decided for sure last year that I wanted a Honda Pilot. I had to drive to California several times, and with Kass working at Honda, we had rented a CR-V (also on my list) but mostly a Pilot. It was just one of those vehicles that just felt goooood. I also wanted something big enough that would handle my mattress for camping so we could sleep in the car if we wanted.

So Dan and I were a little sad that we’d just missed an opportunity to purchase their 2016 Pilot with only 27,000 miles on it. And if you know my dad, you would know it was kept meticulously. :)

But later that Easter Sunday my dad had a thought. Since they’d just done their transaction Friday night, he wondered if he could get it back. They’d paid cash for both vehicles, so he didn’t see why not. Dan and I were like, if it happens, great. If not, we’ll still get one in the next couple months.

Monday morning came and by afternoon….he was able to get it back! Dan and I were shocked! We really didn’t think they would do it, but they did.

So rather than fly home Tuesday, we drove home in our ‘new’ car.

Dan wanted to purchase a newer used car, but ‘used’ always makes me nervous. We aren’t ones to keep rotating cars. Our van we had for twenty years–going through all three teens at the time. We’ve had our Highlander for thirteen years and now Dan’s driving it for work. So you can see a pattern here. ;) That’s why I always thought new was best. But this, coming from my dad, is just as good. And actually, it’s the Touring model with about every bell and whistle you can have. Sweet!

I think the car was meant to be for us. :) Seriously though. What would be the odds of us being down there the same weekend they got a new vehicle…and then were able to get it back??? I think we put this into another ‘unusual moment’ category for the Bradfords.

We’ve had it almost three weeks now and it’s been so nice! Can’t wait to take it camping. :)

But the best part of that whole story is that not once did Dan have to talk to a salesman to buy a car. Which is a big part of the reason why we haven’t gotten a car in the two years since we decided to get one. haha

And that week there was another unexpected surprise. When we pulled in from driving home, the lilacs had bloomed! When we left, there were only like 3-5 leaves per stem. Not even a showing of purple. I don’t remember them blooming in five days. That seemed so fast!

So that was my third week of April and what I documented for my book.





I am sooo loving that brand new Newport alphabet!! It adds an awesome creative element to the page. I also used the Label Maker digital stamp (also same size as physical one) to print my text on.

I had a rather large story to tell. But the other part of our ‘